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Dr. Carter G. Woodson: The FATHER of Black History Month. Image source: Ancella Bickley Collection, West Virginia State Archives

Ignorant Negroes: STOP Disrespecting Black History Month

A Letter to: The Ignorant Negro, Who Truly Believes He has the Right to Be This UNBELIEVABLY Disrespectful I look at Black History Month with "new" eyes… After finishing The Mis-Education of The Negro, I had to. After researching the history of Black History Month, and understanding how it became Black History Month, I had to adjust my perspective on the … [Read More...]

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The Economics of Power

I recently read about the (unelected) Boston School Committee's decision to “reduce, but not eliminate” transportation for its middle school students – most of whom … [Read More...]

Racism Now

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Little Blue Pill

In the sci-fi thriller “The Matrix”, a movie that’s essentially a metaphor for Spiritual Awakening, (as intended by Sophia Stewart, the franchise’s true creator) Morpheus tells Neo: “…You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and … [Read More...]

Omar Epps (Image source: necolebitchie.com)

The Trojan Horse

It’s already been established Asis Chronicle doesn’t do "politically correct", so it should surprise no one to hear us say this: We are SO not down with the latest so-called trend in “men’s fashion” that says Black males wearing skirts in public is an … [Read More...]