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The Law of Diminishing Returns

I found this quote in The Greyhound, Loyola University Maryland’s student newspaper: …the broad support African-Americans give to the Democratic Party have actually made the Party unresponsive (emphasis added) to their concerns.” That's the source of African Americans' political non-value, in a nutshell: Our "ride or die chick"-like support for the Democratic Party is killing … [Read More...]

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Racism & White Supremacy

Yes. It IS a GREAT sale, isn't it?

The Comfort Gal Chronicles, #1,000,999,999

When I first saw the press release announcing "Why Every Black Woman Should Marry a Jewish Man: A Book For All Women Looking For the Perfect ‘Alpha’ Male", a dating and marriage “memoir” written by Nazaree Hines-Star, PharmD, I thought it was a joke. After … [Read More...]

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Indoctrination Nation

I recently came across yet another article illustrating the point public educational institutions are little more than indoctrination camps. For some reason, English teachers at Southaven, MS-based DeSoto Middle School deemed Rapper Jay Z's life and "works" … [Read More...]

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Boot-lickin’ Negroes, and the Racists Who HATE Them

I know there’s no such thing as a “Post-racial Society”. In truth, I think that’s probably one of the stupidest faux inventions known to mankind, and I’ll have no part of it. I accept the truth of what it means to be an African American: White people don’t … [Read More...]