The War On Black Boys

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This may be a terrible thing to say, but I’m glad I’m the parent of a Little Black Girl, NOT a Little Black Boy.

While I understand that there still aren’t any guarantees with a Black female – my daughter is BLACK, after all – I ALSO know that, statistically speaking, my child’s gender gives her a measure of protection and security that she otherwise would not have, were she a Black male.

I look at all the Black male children my daughter’s age and younger, and I’m SCARED TO DEATH for them. It’s so obvious that Black males are being targeted for extinction that I question whether there will be ANYONE left for my child to marry by the time she’s old enough and ready to make that commitment to a GOOD BLACK MAN.

White Supremacy – the DOMINANT philosophy of the entire planet, it would seem – has told all the world’s citizens that (1) African Americans have no value, whatsoever, and (2) That sentiment quadruples when applied to Black males.

Because of that, one only needs a REMOTELY PLAUSIBLE excuse to give to authorities, once he has performed his “civic duty” of banishing YET ANOTHER Black male from the Universe.

I could go on AND on about the murders of African American males at the hands of “good white folk” and “wanna be good white folk” (looking at YOU, George Zimmerman) who get to kill our boys and young males without threat of legitimate consequence, but let’s face it – SOCIETY DOESN’T GIVE A DAMN.

The brutal beating of (Baton Rouge) University High football star D’Vante Dotson is but one of a long list of hate crimes against African American males, crimes for which the perpetrators will never be brought to justice.

One would think that because – at least in this case – D’Vante’s attackers managed to “only” PUT HIM IN A COMA, but NOT kill him, that justice would be more forthcoming.

Not so.

Because D’Vante is a “scholarship kid” attending a private school affiliated with Louisiana’s version of Mecca (LSU), and the parents of his so-called alleged attackers are “people of influence” with considerable resources, the Baton Rouge Police Department (as of time of this writing) doesn’t seem to be all that inclined to contradict the teens’ claims that D’Vante’s injuries (he was found lying in a pool of blood, with multiple head and other bodily injuries) were the unfortunate result of a “fall”.

And it goes without saying that since the teens – who were D’Vante’s own high school football teammates, mind you – claim that D’Vante had been drinking at the time, that the boy fell and ended up comatose is, well, his fault.

It’s never too early to assassinate a Negro’s character. In fact, the sooner one can demonize the Negro male, the easier it becomes to get the collective public – who’s already inclined to believe the worst in Black males – to help the criminals “justify” their actions.

ALL OF THIS makes me sick.

Black folk are human, too; however, having said that, I have long since stopped – to paraphrase Malcolm X – expecting humane treatment from people who REFUSE to acknowledge my humanity.

J.K. Rowling (yeah, THAT J.K. Rowling) has even said, “If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.”

Do we NOW know what “A man” is like? Or do we need MORE convincing?


Editor’s Note:  D’Vante’s family has set up a Facebook page, Justice for D’Vante Dotson. PLEASE visit and show your support. Maybe – just maybe – we can get some justice for this young man.

Thank you.  – KMT